This page answers the questions we are frequently asked. Please use the Contact Us page if you have any enquiries or if you can’t find the answer to your question on this page
What makes Trishan School Of Music Art & Dance better than other institutions ?
Trishan School of Music offers professional lessons for music, art and dance at a competitive price taught by a team of fun and well qualified tutors. Find out about who we are and what we do on the About Us page of the website
Is there a minimum/maximum age limit for learning Music or any other lessons ?

You are never too old or too young to start learning Music or any other art form !

There is no upper age limit (we have taught students in their 50’s and 60’s). For younger students, age 5 is usually about the youngest we can teach Music and other art forms.

For online classes we prefer Kids below 12 yrs to be accompanied by their parents for effective lessons.

Which instrument should I choose for my kid ?

For kids aged 5 to 7, we suggest starting with the keyboard. Kids above 7 years have various options to choose from Guitar, Piano, Drums, Violin, and Vocals. Please use our Contact Us form to get in touch with us

Do classes happen in the 5th week (29th, 30th & 31st) of the month ?

All classes run from the 1st of the month to the 28th of the month for all courses. Students enrolled for 4 / 8 / 12 sessions will be able to attend classes from 1 - 28th of every month as per the schedule.

How effective are online classes compared to offline classes ?

Online interactive classes are as effective as the offline classes give the student attends the classes regularly and have a solid practice routine that teachers at Trishan suggest.

Do you need an instrument at home to learn music ?

Yes, we recommend buying the instrument after the second class as the teachers will start to give out different exercises to practice, which will greatly improve your learning process. Without regular practice learning any kind of music will be challenging and non-progressive which inturn might affect the interest of the students.

Where can I buy instrument ?

For suggestions and purchases you can visit Monkey Music Store (www.monkeymusicstore.com), they are located in bangalore and can help you buy suitable instruments..

Can I learn two instruments at the same time ?

Yes, it is possible to learn two instruments together, given the student has prior learning experience with one of the instruments and have a regular practice time allocated to both

How do I start Music, Art or Dance classes ?

You can fill out the Contact Us form at our website and we will get in touch with you for starting your lessons or you can always reach us out at +917406909996

What times are lessons available ?

You can choose lesson times that suit you. Lessons run on weekdays from 9am to 9pm (IST) and on weekends from 9am to 7pm (IST).

When you book an Introductory Lesson and the specific week-by-week availability is given by the administrator.

Online Classes are available at all times of day by arrangement.

How long does a lesson last for Individual or group sessions ?

The lesson schedules run on 60-minute time slots.

A typical lesson is structured as 45-50 minutes of personalised tuition, providing 5-10 minutes for the other features of the session – for example; warm-ups and setting of activities to complete for the next lesson.

Where are the Trishan School of Music Institutions located ?

We are located in Bangalore, India.

View our locations of the Institutions on the Our Locations page of the website.

All the Institutions are in superb locations, well-connected by public transport and equipped with all facilities and a full set of tuition resources.

Can I have lessons at home ?

Yes – it is possible to learn Music at your home using your own instrument. We provide online classes at your suitable times. Please use the Contact Us page to book an Introductory class and get to know other details.

If you don’t own any Instrument and live near any of our institutions , you can take the classes at the institute.

Do you teach for Trinity, ABRSM or any other grade exams ?

Apart from our flagship courses, we also train students for Trinity, ABRSM, LCM and RSL.

Does Trishan do 1-to-1 lessons or group lessons ?

We conduct both one-to-one (one teacher to one student) and group lessons (limited set of students per group). In one-to-one or group, the lessons are personalized to each student.

If you don’t own any Instrument and live near any of our institutions , you can take the classes at the institute.

What discounts are available ?

There are 2 types of savings available.

We have discounts available on quarterly and Yearly subscriptions. Please get in touch with our administrator for more details.

What kind of payment modes do you accept ?

We accept credit card, debit card, Online line Bank Transfer, Paytm, Google Pay, any UPI Transfer and Cash. We don’t accept cheque payments.

What happens if I have to cancel my subscription ?

No problem! Please note that monthly subscriptions can be halted only before the start of the month and will simply roll over to the following month. Subscriptions can be rolled over up to 2 months once in a year.

A Mail has to be sent to admissions@trishanschool.com with details to halt the sessions.

Are my classes carried forward if not attended ?

All classes happen at scheduled times. Classes missed by the student are not carried forward to the next months. In case you want to halt your monthly subscription please refer to “ What happens if I have to cancel my subscription?

Are my classes compensated if I do not attend them ?

All classes happen at scheduled times. We can provide one compensatory session in a month if students have missed any classes, which is also subjected to the availability of the class slots. Classes are not carried forward to the next months under any circumstances

Do you have a cancellation, return, and refund policy ?


Refund : At Trishan, we want to ensure you are 100% happy with our services. But since we take only a limited number of students and pre-book the course slots, we do not provide any refund of the fee paid.

Merchandise :

Returns & Refund : Goods once purchased cannot be returned or exchanged.

If you have any queries related to the service of the goods please use the Contact Us page to get in touch with us.