A complete step-by-step guide for students to effectively take online music classes.
Preparation for the class
  • Get ready for class with material. 
  • Login before 5 minutes, brush up with the stuff learned in the last class.
  • Mark any doubts and ask the teacher at the beginning of class.
  • Keep a notebook with you throughout the class, to note down stuff.
  • Make sure you are taking a class in a quiet room where there is a minimum to no disturbance, avoid people talking in the back, as it is going to be very disturbing for the teacher and other students as well.
Setting up Connection
  • Check the internet connection speed before the class.
  • Make sure the bandwidth is not distributed, please ask other family members not to stream videos during the class time, so that you can take class uninterrupted.
  • Parents with two kids, try to schedule their classes at different times.
  • At Least 10 - 25 Mbps speed is recommended for smooth class.
  • Set the camera angle in such a way that the teacher will be able to see your instrument clearly.
  • Try using headphones to avoid feedback issues.
  • Check your audio and video before you join the class
Organizing Schedules
  • Organize your class so that you have some free time in between different classes.
  • Make sure to maintain a peaceful environment.
  • Especially for kids, parents need to keep in mind that watching a computer screen continuously for an hour might be stressful for the kid.
  • Let the kid take a 5 minutes interval in between the class so that they can be focused the rest of the time.
Effective Communication
  • Communication is the key, trying to tell the teacher the problem effectively and trying to understand what the teacher is saying is very important.
  • Talk slowly and clearly
  • Wait before talking.
  • Sound won't go through if both the persons in the call talk simultaneously.
  • Sound won't go through if there is noise in your end.
  • If you don't hear what the teacher is saying, ask.
  • Mute when you are not talking.
  • Remember to un-mute before talking. 
  • If your connection is lost, ask the teacher if you missed something.
  • Parents of young kids have to monitor the class throughout and help them if there is some communication problem.
  • Understand there will be lag/delay in the call, so talk and wait for a few seconds for the response without panicking.
Importance of metronome
  • As discussed earlier, there can be a lag at times during class.
  • So, playing on a metronome will make the teacher understand whether the student is playing the right rhythm.
  • As a teacher, we teach the student how to use a metronome, but it takes a while to get used to it. At Least it will take 3 or 4 classes to understand and more to master it.
  • So regular practice with a metronome is much necessary.
  • Sometimes kids get reluctant to practice with a metronome, as it might get annoying and frustrating for them. Gradually we must find a way to get it done.
Parents role for young kids 
  • Kids staying at home taking class will be in a completely different mood, compared to taking a class in the school.
  • In school, there will be a certain environment set, and kids will have that mood right.
  • But in their own house, they are much more relaxed, it's their parent's job to set the environment right.
  • Kids and generally with a lot of energy which leads them to get distracted easily. So plan the class without much distraction.
  • If a kid wants to take a little interval between the class, let them take it. 
  • Don't force kids to sit for longer hours, they need a bit of stretching too.
  • Let the kid learn at their own speed.
  • Be patient with the kid, if they are distracted by something else, let them take a min to get back. Don't force them to focus, as it does work that way. Instead of focusing, there is a chance that the kid loses interest if there's a constant force.
  • Interest builds over a period of time, kids need exposure to different forms of music and get inspired. Inspiration leads to interest.
  • Parents can sit throughout the class and learn some things and play music along with the kid is the most effective way to get them interested.
  • Please don't encourage kids to eat anything during class. 
  • Freedom is important, at the same time kids need to learn to be serious and focused throughout the class.
  • Try to choose a room for the kid where there is nothing else happening, which helps the kids to stay focused.
  • Help them in writing stuff, or explaining stuff if they don't understand.
  • Try sending videos of kids playing to teachers for reviews.
Things to Work after class
  • Sort out what you want to practice.
  • Organize your goals.
  • Practice till you are satisfied.
  • Keep regular practice.
  • Record your practice sessions and compare, send them to your teacher for review.
  • Explore yourself for more knowledge and inspiration.
  • Mark your doubts and make sure to get cleared in the next class.
  • Being regular to classes and practice will lead to progress.
  • Ask the teacher for recordings, if needed.


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